Chris Schwartz, Chair of the Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors is pleased to announce he is running for re-election as a Black Hawk County Supervisor and is seeking the nomination of the Democratic Party in the June 2nd primary.  Schwartz is currently in his first term in office after first wining election in November of 2016. Schwartz is proud of his many accomplishments achieved in his first term in office.

“In my first term in office I have won victories to protect unions, treat employees fairly, open a homeless warming center, open a veterans’ center, protect water quality, expand public health services, repair our bike trails, expand conservation lands, improve public parks, increase flood resiliency, enhance renewable energy, welcome immigrants to our community, increase access to mental health services, upgrade our infrastructure, and improve public safety.“

Schwartz also prides himself on being a “Supervisor for the People” who is not afraid to stand-up to powerful special interests.  “I will always be a “Supervisor for the people” and will be a voice for those who have none, whether you are talking about the homeless, the mentally ill, scared workers, or veterans I am going to be their advocate no matter how powerful the forces we are up against. This type of leadership is more important now than ever before.” Schwartz is also proud that he has not ever missed a Board of Supervisors meeting, or work session and that he has attended every single town meeting organized by departments like the engineers’ office. “You hear all the time about legislators whether they are in D.C. or Des Moines who are missing votes all of the time, I never wanted to be one of those kinds of politicians. The people elected me to be their voice, I will never miss a vote.”

Schwartz has also made great efforts to make county government more transparent and accessible. He created the first ever official Facebook page for Black Hawk County and worked with staff to make videos of all meetings available on Facebook and YouTube. He has held numerous townhalls and listening post maintaining a very robust presence on social media. The COVID-19 pandemic has not slowed Schwartz’s efforts to communicate with the people, he has been holding weekly fireside chats broadcast to his Facebook page on a variety of issues on local, state, and national importance.  Schwartz has also been using his large social media presence to communicate much needed up to date local information on COVID-19.

Schwartz wants to keep progress going and to continue being a voice for the people. “ Now, more than ever you need proven and determined leadership. I got a lot done in my first term as your County Supervisor from the creation of a new veterans center, the establishment of a homeless warming center to investments in green energy, watershed management, and expanded mental health services in our jail. I want the opportunity to continue work on green energy, housing, infrastructure, mental health, public health, recreation, water quality, flood resiliency, economic development, homelessness, and poverty. You know with me you can trust that I will show-up each and every day ready to be a voice for the people.”

It is a strange time to run a political campaign and Schwartz’s focus will remain on the safety of our community. Many normal campaign activities are suspended. The campaign is not out knocking on doors and will not be placing yard signs out until the severity of the threat has eased on our community. “Elected officials should not be hypocrites, I am telling folks every day to stay home and only leave for essential needs like food, medicine, and work. Running around placing a political sign in someone’s yard during a health pandemic would be selfish and is not even close to an essential activity.”

Schwartz also ask that you keep yourself and poll workers safe by requesting an absentee ballot and voting safely from home. “Protect yourself and others by voting Schwartz for Supervisor safely from home.”

Schwartz serves on the board of directors of a number of local, and state-wide non-profits including The Middle Cedar River Watershed Management Authority, The Black Hawk Creek Soil and Watershed Coalition, Operation Threshold, Cedar Valley Pridefest, The North East Iowa Food Bank,  The Friends of Iowa CASA, The Iowa Citizen Action Network, The Black Hawk County Alternative Energy Committee, The Cedar Valley CRUSH Coalition on Opioids, and the Northland Area (hazmat) Response Group. Schwartz is also the current President of the National Association of Counties LGBTQ leaders and Allies.  Schwartz lives in Waterloo with his fiancé Logun Buckley.  When he is not busy with public service Schwartz can be found playing bass with the jazz and rock quartet False Indigo, working in the garden or chipping away at renovation projects at his historic home. He has a national reputation for hosting events and fundraisers in his home for non-profits, political candidates and noted dignitaries.

Folks can learn more by visiting Schwartz’s website and social media pages. Schwartz’s website is, his Facebook page is  Schwartz can be found on twitter at: and on Instagram at: